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When it comes to awarding your top performers, you want to make sure that the presentation matches the value of this wonderful travel reward. You can select the look and feel of the packaging that best suits your needs.

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Cash Rewards vs. Travel Rewards

The majority of salespeople will say that they prefer cash bonuses as a reward. Many companies have a commission and salary structure, whereas some even offerstraight commission. The issue with cash bonuses is that they are viewed as a commission that the salesperson feels they are already entitled to. More often than not, the cash will be used to pay bills and be quickly forgotten about, rather than utilized as a personal reward.

This is why numerous companies are switching to various value rewards such as travel. Travel rewards enable the employees to focus on something special. Suddenly, they are dreaming about going on a tropical destination with their favorite companion. It can provide a refreshing chance to turn off their phone and forget about their worries. They become motivated to go on their vacation and have an experience that they will remember for a lifetime. After returning, they can share their experiences with friends, family and fellow employees. This generates excitement at the office and suddenly, everyone is competing for a trophy that everyone wants.

Travel rewards let the employee think, "How would I spend it?" rather than "How should I spend it?"

Travel rewards are your best bet for seeing significant results and increased loyalty from your employees.

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From program design to fulfillment, our results-oriented corporate rewards are produced under one roof. When it comes to rewards, we ensure our clients' promises are delivered! We provide the broadest selection of travel rewards in the industry including: land, sea and air packages, along with thousands of luxurious resorts around the world. It is important to note that our fulfillment doesn't stop with rewards. We can additionally help you deliver on your brand promise to channel partners and employees with our world-class, customized fulfillment solutions and employee incentive options.

"Numerous studies have concluded that non-financial motivators are more effective than extra cash in building long-term employee engagement."